音乐 工具
开发 Solesignal Limited
5.99 USD

QuteControl is a Mac desktop App to control a Naim Audio UnitiQute network player and similar devices.

Control volume, playback and selected input right from your Desktop. Browse and select what to play from your UPNP server or USB stick, or listen to iRadio. (Control of the conventional radio tuners is not supported).

QuteControl has been designed for use with UnitiQute but works also with other Uniti and NDX devices by Naim Audio for features that they share with a UnitiQute.

Important notes:

- If you cannot connect to your device, please make sure that no other App is using it at the same time (like the n-stream iPhone App). The Naim devices only support connection from one App at a time.

- The display of Album Art is only available when using a upnp source and the image quality depends on what your upnp server provides.

- QuteControl displays the content of your library as it receives it from the Uniti. QuteControl has no influence on the speed of browsing or how the content is prepared by your Library.

- This is a third party application. Naim has been supportive but otherwise not been involved in the development.


UnitiQute, SuperUniti, ND5XS, Uniti or NDX device with Software version 3.0.0 or later and configured with a known IP address in your network.